ReliBurn Burns Gel

About ReliBurn Burns Gel

BurnSoothe® has literally revolutionised the treatment of burns in the workplace. No panic. No false decisions. No inappropriate treatment. No mistakes. No risk. And – NO DELAY!
Available in sizes to suit burns on a little finger, right through to a large body area, and even a specially designed dressing for the entire face, BurnSoothe® is always the right treatment at the right time.

The product is of course completely sterile and can be placed directly on the wound site. The dressing consists of a polyurethane pad totally devoid of fibres. This pad is placed inside a foil sachet then generously soaked in a glutinous gel that is completely safe, water-based and totally non-toxic. Safe enough to use even on small children.

  • Bottle 125ml
  • Bottle 50ml
  • Sachet 3.5g
ReliBurn Burns Gel ReliBurn Burns Gel
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  • ReliBurn Burns Gel (125ml)
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  • Reliburn Gel Sachet 3.5g
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  • ReliBurn Burns Gel 50ml
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