Heine Minor Surgery Light

About Heine Minor Surgery Light

Available in wall mounting, desk or trolley mounting
or mobile stand options. The 50w halogen bulb
(lifespan 4000 hours) provides a bright patch of light
(140,000 lux) at a 30cm working distance and the
flexible arm has a working radius of 120cm making
this very useful for minor surgery. Easily cleaned and
with a 5 year guarantee.

Heine Optotechnik

Heine Optotechnik is still an independent, family owned company that makes decisions based on long term benefits for our products, our customers and our company.

Heine was founded in 1946 by Helmut A. Heine. His goal was simple – he wanted to develop and build the best quality diagnostic instruments possible for the medical profession. Products that were not only reliable and durable, but that would offer new and better diagnostic capabilities for the practitioner, as well as the patient.

For over 60 years this philosophy has been the foundation of our success. And it still is today.

Heine Minor Surgery Light Heine Minor Surgery Light Heine Minor Surgery Light
3 Pictures
  • Minor Surgery Light - Wall Mounting
    LIGW £355,00 £426,00 inc. vat.
  • Minor Surgery Light - Desk/Trolley Mounting
    LIGD £415,00 £498,00 inc. vat.
  • Minor Surgery Light - Mobile Stand (Castors)
    LIGS £458,00 £549,60 inc. vat.