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Trulife Classic Wrist Support Brace

This removable splint holds the wrist at an angle of 30° as recommended by doctors for correct healing. This Splint Wrist Brace is made from a special tritension material and is often recommended as a “resting splint” for sprains, strains, post-cast recovery or arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • For strains, sprains, postcast support and arthritis
  • Removable splint holds the wrist at recommended 30° angle
  • Special tritension material provides selective flexibility
  • Anatomically designed

Sizes Available:

Small Left (14-16cm)
Medium Left (16-19cm)
Large Left (19-22cm)
XL Left (22cm)

Small Right (14-16cm)
Medium Right (16-19cm)
Large Right (19-22cm)
XL Right (22cm)

Trulife Classic Wrist Support Brace Trulife Classic Wrist Support Brace
2 Pictures
  • Left / Small (14-16cm) FTC-02L
    TRUSL £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Right / Small (14-16cm) FTC-02R
    TRUSR £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Left / Medium (16-19cm) FTC-03L
    TRUML £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Right / Medium (16-19cm) FTC-03R
    TRUMR £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Left / Large (19-22cm) FTC-04L
    TRULL £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Right / Large (19-22cm) FTC-04R
    TRULR £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Left / Extra Large (22cm+) FTC-05L
    TRUXLL £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Right / Extra Large (22cm+) FTC-05R
    TRUXLR £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Left / Extra Small (14cm) FTC-01L
    TRUXSL £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.
  • Right / Extra Small (14cm) FTC-01R
    TRUXSR £11.98 £14.38 inc. vat.