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Medizyme Enzyme Instrument & Equipment Cleaner (2 Litre)

For the chemical reprocessing of surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices

  • MediZyme triple enzyme instrument and equipment cleaner is a bactericidal detergent concentrate which dissolves and removes proteinaceous and organic material (blood, saliva, mucus etc.)
  • MediZyme is available in 2 litre dilution measure bottles, 5 litres and 20 ml sachets.
  • MediZyme is non foaming (designed as a pre-autoclave or automated system cleaner) and non-corrosive (safe on all metals, plastics, rubbers etc.)
  • MediZyme can be diluted in water at 1:100 for use as a flushing solution (use recommended machine times) in automatic re-processing machines, ultrasonic baths and other automated instrument cleaning systems
  • MediZyme can be diluted in water at 1:50 for soaking instruments (10 minutes)
  • MediZyme is manufactured to the highest standard under BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and BS EN ISO13488:2003. It also conforms to Medical Directive 93/42/EEC requirements and carries the CE Mark
  • Waste from the use of MediZyme emerges at close to neutral pH and is readily biodegradable
  • MediZyme solution should be changed weekly or when it becomes cloudy
  • Unopened MediZyme concentrate remains stable for 3 years
  • Sold overseas under the brand name, MediGene
Medizyme Enzyme Instrument & Equipment Cleaner (2 Litre)
  • Medizyme Enzyme Instrument & Equipment Cleane
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