Accutrend GC System Cholesterol and Glucose Testing System

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The Accutrend Plus system from Roche is a flexible, hand-held device for the diagnosis of the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and lactate.

The device is tailored to be used outside the lab and is suitable for self-measurement at home or during sports and other recreational activity. Results are provided directly from capillary blood.

The Accutrend Plus system tests for:

Total cholesterol
Blood Glucose
Accutrend Plus Test Strip Technology


Accutrend Plus 
Carry Case
Cholesterol Test Stips x 25
Glucose Testing Strips x 50
Quality Controls
Safe-T Pro Single-Use Lancing Decixes x 200
Please note: some contents of this kit have a short expiry (typically >6M)

Accutrend Plus uses specially designed Accutrend Glucose, Accutrend Cholesterol, Accutrend Triglycerides and BM-Lactate superior quality test strips. The test strips contain

Yellow protective mesh, impregnated with a surfactant
Glass fiber fleece that works as a separating layer for blood cells
Reaction film in which the colour formation takes place
Bar code on the reverse side, which is read by the meter to confirm test strip identity
Built-in Safety Features

With its built-in automatic performance and meter self-testing, Accutrend Plus conducts multiple safety checks to prevent against potential errors and malfunction, so you can rely on accurate results.

Accutrend Plus lets you apply blood onto the strip inside or outside the meter. For example, when conducting multiple tests where cross contamination might be an issue, you can apply blood outside the device.

Code strips with positive strip lot identification and parameter recognition are used to calibrate the device – an added safety feature, which ensures system performance level is maintained.

The control solutions Accutrend Control Chol (cholesterol), Accutrend Control GLU (glucose), Accutrend Control TG (triglycerides), and BM-Control Lactate can be used for additional performance checks.

Ease of Use

The GC system determines glucose and cholesterol – on one whole blood system. It allows fast on-the-spot determination of blood glucose (12 seconds) and cholesterol (3 minutes) directly from capillary blood. Blood does not need to be wiped off after application.

Simple fingerprick sample technique
Up to 50 glucose values and up to 15 cholesterol values can be stored with sate and time of measurements