Clinell Bedbath Wipes

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The Complete Microwavable Patient Bathing Wipes Solution

Clinell Bed Bathing & Bodycare Range

Large soft wipes for an easy complete full body wash, to be used on the following areas:

1) Face
2) Neck
3) Chest
4) Right arm
5) Left arm
6) Perineum
7) Right leg
8) Left leg
9) Back
10) Buttocks

The pack of 8 can be used un-warmed or for the best effect heat the whole pack in the microwave (750W) for 15 seconds. Use one wipe on each of the areas.

Advantage of Clinell Bedbath

  • Simple rinse free bathing solution designed for cleaning and moisturising the body in one easy step.
  • Can be used at room temperature or placed in a microwave – allowing for a warm bed bath in seconds
  • Quick and easy to use replacing the need for cumbersome traditional methods including preparing bowls, washcloths, soap, lotions and water and requires no towel drying. This in turn decreases waste and increases staff compliance.
  • Cost effective – reducing laundry bills and nursing time
  • Reduces risk of lifting and carrying heavy bowls of water and risk of slipping on wet floors.
  • Contains aloe vera and added moisturiers to promote healthy soft skin.
  • Patented formula developed by medical doctors.
  • Skin neutral pH of 5.5
  • Dermatalogically tested
  • Alcohol and Lanolin free

Wipe size: 30 × 24cm