Guest Alcohol Gel 50ml Pocket Bottle (70% Alcohol)

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Carry with you the power to effectively kill 99.9% of known bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts, moulds and spores at your fingertips to keep you and your environment safe from infections including MRSA, Hep B, Tuberculosis, HIV, Listeria & E-Coli.

Accessibility to decontamination agents such as alcohol gel is essential for compliance. Control hygiene within your workplace with this alcohol hand rub. Waterless, non toxic and safe hand gel helps reduce the risks of cross infection. Dries to provide a sterile solution without the need for water. Ideal for hand cleansing in schools, colleges, hospitals, laboratories and the workplace.

Dispense 2-3 sprays into your palm, then rub hands together briskly until dry. Ensure you cover between the fingers and around the thumbs, fingertips, nail beds and wrists.