Molnlycke Mepore IV Ported Dressing

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Secure fixation when you and your patients need it most Mepore IV is a high performance self-adhesive film dressing, designed specifically for secure fixation of intravascular catheters. Mepore IV gives you a cost-efficient solution that you can rely on. What’s more, it is easy to apply. For non-ported catheter fixation, use Mepore Film. Together, Mepore IV and Mepore Film give you a complete fixation solution for most of your IV/catheter needs.
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  • Nonwoven reinforcement for extra strength when needed
  • Supporting protection foil and paper frame for ease of application
  • Breathable and elastic polyurethane film for patient comfort
  • Transparency at the catheter site for visual inspection without removing the dressing
  • Viral and bacteria proof film, impermeable to fluids for safety and protection
Product description
Mepore IV is a transparent, breathable dressing consisting of polyurethane film coated with polyacrylic adhesive, part of it reinforced by a non-woven layer.
Mode of action
Mepore IV protects the catheter site and provides a secure fixation. Mepore IV is suitable for dressing peripheral and central line catheters.
Mepore IV is breathable and water resistant.
Intended use
Mepore IV is intended for fixation of intravascular devices such as IV catheters or other intravascular catheters.
  • Do not stretch the dressing during application.
  • Make sure that the skin is dry before application.
  • Life supporting devices should not be fixated with Mepore IV.
  • Mepore IV should not replace sutures or other primary wound closure methods.
  • Do not use if inner package is damaged. Sterility is guaranteed if inner package is intact. Do not resterilise.
Method of use
1. Clean the area
2. Remove the release film
3. Protect and fixate the device
4. Remove the paper frame.
Support the skin and the catheter while removing the dressing to prevent skin trauma and the catheter from dislodging.
Top ten most frequently asked
Are there any allergy problems with the Mepore IV product?
The type of adhesive used in Mepore IV is known in general to cause very few allergic reactions.
Is Mepore IV easy to handle?
It is easy to open the package in an aseptic way, the release paper and the application frame and provides for easy application.
What are the main indications of Mepore IV?
The Mepore IV is intended for fixation of intravascular devices such as intravenous catheters or other intravascular catheters.
What sterilization method is used? Can it be re-sterilised?
Mepore IV is sterilized with ethylene oxide. No, Mepore IV cannot be re-sterilised?
How is secure adhesion to the skin obtained?
The adhesion level is optimised if applied on dry clean skin surface. Position the dressing over the wound without stretching. Firmly smooth the adhesive onto the skin to obtain proper adhesion.
Does Mepore IV contain natural latex?
Mepore IV products and the packaging are natural latex free.
What is the shelf life for Mepore IV?
3 years.
What is the composition of Mepore IV?
A polyurethane film coated with an poly acrylic adhesive A thin hydrofobic spun-laced non woven layer reinforcement.
Why is Mepore IV reinforced with non-woven?
Mepore IV is partly reinforced with non-woven to ensure reliable and secure fixation of catheter wings or hubs. The non-woven reinforcement provides a good seal around the catheter.
Is Mepore IV permeable to air?
Technical issues
Does Mepore IV contain any pharmaceutical component?
What type of adhesive is used in Mepore IV?
The adhesive of Mepore IV is a solvent based polyacrulate. 
Is it possible that the adhesion level varies per batch?
Yes. There is always a chance of small variation in the adhesive raw material, which might cause minor variations between batches. All products released to the market are according to our technical specifications.
How is the waste handled (package and used product)?
The product and package can be incinerated without forming any hazardous effluents. Shelf container and transport box can be recycled.
Does Mepore IV contain PVC, latex or colophony?
No, Mepore IV does not contain PVC, latex or colophony, neither the product nor the release liner nor the packaging material.
What is the packaging material made of?
The outer packaging system, including transport and dispenser box, is made from a corrugated board carton to withstand heavy loads during transport and storing.
How robust is the transport container?
The transport container is made of corrugated board. It is designed to withstand expected stress during transportation.
How many sizes does Mepore IV have?
Three different sizes. Please see the Mepore IV overview for details.
Are there smaller inner packages available for wholesalers and pharmacies?
Clinical & handling issues
Is Mepore IV elastic and/or extensible and follow the patient ™s movement?
Mepore IV is elastic and slightly extensible, and will follow the patient ™s movement. As for all elastic adhesive dressings it is important not to stretch the dressing during application, as this might damage the skin and potentially cause skin blisters.
Does Mepore IV leave adhesive residues on the patient ™s skin after removal?
Adhesive residuals are rarely seen after removal.
Will removal of Mepore IV cause any pain?
Since the pain experienced when removing a dressing is very individual it is only possible to give a general answer. To minimize the pain during removal lift a corner of the dressing and gently pull the film along the skin (in the direction of hair growth parallel to the skin).
How long can Mepore IV remain on the patient ™s skin? How often should Mepore IV be changed?
A Mepore IV dressing can be left on the patient skin for several days. The restricting factor regarding frequency of change is the PVC/CVC manufacturers ™ recommendations and local policies. The frequency of changes should always be according to local recommendations.
What if there is a need for more than one Mepore IV to cover the insertion site?
The best thing to do is to choose a larger size. If this is not appropriate, Mepore IV can be used combined with Mepore Film.
When is Mepore IV contraindicated?
Life supporting devices should not be fixated with Mepore IV. Mepore IV should not replace sutures or other primary wound closure methods.
Are there any precautions to consider when using Mepore IV?
This kind of product has been on the market for more than 10 years and the used raw materials are used in a variety of different medical devices It is important to make sure that the skin is dry before application and not to stretch the dressing during application. Do not use the product if inner package is damaged, sterility is guaranteed only if the inner package is intact.