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NebulAIR Hi-Flow Nebuliser

£79.80 (Ex. VAT)
£95.76 (Inc. VAT)
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NebulAIR Hi-Flow Nebuliser


FEATURES Strong and reliable high output mains nebuliser, very reasonable price Maintenance free piston compressor 240v mains operated Compact unit with built in carry handle Nebulises all modern medications efficiently Includes 2 sets of accessories, with child and adult masks, chambers, filters, tubing and mouthpieces Can be used lying down Specifications:- Output 3 bar, 15 Lpm high flow output: MMAD 0.96µm: weight 2.3kg: Nebulises 1ml in 1min 30secs approx Very quiet operation, approx. 50dBa 6 year guarantee


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