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Perforated Clear Tape 2.5cm x 9.14m

£1.60 (Ex. VAT)
£1.92 (Inc. VAT)
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Perforated Clear Tape 2.5cm x 9.14m


  • Water-resistant clear adhesive tape
  • Easily tearable by hand
  • Perforated design prevents skin maceration
  • Secures dressings and bandages
  • Low-allergy adhesive

A multi-purpose tape manufactured from soft and flexible plastics which make it both conformable and water repellent. The micro-perforated surface allows for free flow of air to areas where the tape comes into direct contact with the skin. It inhibits maceration of the skin and promotes the longevity of the adhesive. Tearable by hand, allows for almost unlimited application as you have the ability to literally decide the length and the width of the tape you wish to use.


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