Seca 360° Wireless Printer Advanced

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Seca 360° wireless printer advanced for reception, analysis and printing of measurements on thermal paper or labels

* Weight: 1 kg
* Power supply: Power Adaptor
* Dimensions: 106 x 105 x 180 mm
* Print Speed: 80 mm/sec
* Print Width: 48 mm
* Data transmission: seca 360° wireless technology
* Functions: PRINT/Auto-PRINT / SEND/Auto-SEND / Print Date/Time
* Functions: print-out of weight, height, BMI, BFR, resting or total energy expenditure or percentiles for children, integrated automatic cutter

With the wireless advanced seca 466 with integrated automatic cutting tool, measurements transmitted by the seca 360° wireless devices can be printed quickly onto thermal paper or labels, which are then automatically separated. It also handles the automatic interpretation and analysis of results. The printer formats a diagram of a BMI or a child s rate of growth, for example, and compares the findings to standard ranges. The required reference values, which are on a separate memory card, can be configured easily with the seca print designer software. Other data such as date, time of day, language and logo used by hospital or doctor s practice are processed in the same way.

* Optional: 5 or 50 rolls of thermal paper seca 485, 1 or 24 rolls of labels seca 486
* Included with printer: SD smart card, mains adapter, SD card reader, 1 roll of thermal paper, 1 roll of labels