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HF Antidote Gel (Calcium Gluconate 25g)

HF Antidote Gel (Calcium Gluconate 25g)


Calcium Gluconate Topical Gel, also known as H-F (Hydrofluoric Acid) Antidote Gel, is used in the treatme…

  • HF Antidote Gel 25g
    HFG25 £10.66 £12.79 inc. vat.
Burnshield Hydrogel (125ml)

Burnshield Hydrogel (125ml)

  • The Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml is designed to lower the skin temperature and moisture the burn area.
  • It provides instant cooling and relief an…

  • Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml
    BURH118 £6.85 £8.22 inc. vat.
Burnshield Burn Blot Gel Sachet (3.5ml)

Burnshield Burn Blot Gel Sachet (3.5ml)

  • The Burnshield Burn Blot Gel is a handy size pack designed to cool and protect a burn or other heat stress injuries.
  • 3.5ml Single Application…

  • Burnshield Burn Blot Gel Sachet 3.5ml
    BURSB £0.46 £0.55 inc. vat.
Acriflex Burn Cream (30g)

Acriflex Burn Cream (30g)

Pale yellow soft smooth cream with a characteristic odour. Used to treat minor burns and scalds, scratches, cuts and abrasions, sunburn blisters a…

  • Acriflex Burn Cream 30g
    ACR35 £3.33 £4.00 inc. vat.
BurnSoothe Burns Gel

BurnSoothe Burns Gel

BurnSoothe gel relieves pain, cools & comforts, helps prevent contamination and is safe to use on all types of burns.

  • Bottle 125ml
  • Bottle 5…

  • Burnsoothe Burns Gel (125ml)
    RELB125 £6.11 £7.33 inc. vat.
  • Burnsoothe Gel Sachet 3.5g
    RELB35 £0.39 £0.47 inc. vat.
  • Burnsoothe Burns Gel 50ml
    RELB50 £4.25 £5.10 inc. vat.
Cooling Burn Gel Sachets

Cooling Burn Gel Sachets

  • Burngel Pack of 6
    BURB £1.72 £2.06 inc. vat.
  • Burngel Sachet 6g
    BUR6 £0.39 £0.47 inc. vat.
Cooltherm Gel

Cooltherm Gel

The CoolTherm approach to burn treatment, is the unique action of the active gel ingredient, combined with the groundbreaking technology of the non…

  • Cooltherm Gel Bottle 60ml
    COOL60 £4.32 £5.18 inc. vat.
  • Cooltherm Sachet 4g
    COOL4 £0.41 £0.49 inc. vat.
NEW Burn Gel Dressings

NEW Burn Gel Dressings

Soft foam dressings soaked in water based hydrogel to cool and soothe a burn. Use on burn and scalds. The dressing can be easily held in place wi…

  • Burn Gel Dressing 10x10cm
    BURC10 £2.35 £2.82 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Dressing 20x20cm
    BURC20 £5.55 £6.66 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Dressing 5x15cm
    BURC15 £3.67 £4.40 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Dressing 5x5cm
    BURC5 £1.95 £2.34 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Sachet 3.5g
    BURC £0.33 £0.40 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Bottle 118ml
    BURC118 £5.55 £6.66 inc. vat.