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NEW Small Burns Kit

NEW Small Burns Kit

NEW Small Single Person Burns Kit


1 x Burn Soothe 10×10cm
4 x Burn Soothe Sachets 3.5g
1 x Guidance Leaflet
1 …

  • NEW Small Burns Kit
    BURK1 £6.95 £8.34 inc. vat.
Burnshield Dressing

Burnshield Dressing

Burnshield dressings are designed to lower the skin temperature, alleviate pain and moisturise the burn area helping to prevent infection. To help …

  • Burnshield Dressing (10 x 10cm)
    BURS10 £3.15 £3.78 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Dressing (20 x 20cm)
    BURS20 £6.98 £8.38 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Dressing (60 x 40cm)
    BURS60 £22.95 £27.54 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Dressing - Digit
    BURDD £4.78 £5.74 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Dressing - Limb/Neck
    BURLD £9.20 £11.04 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Dressing - Face Mask
    BURFM £19.75 £23.70 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Contour Dressing - (100 x 100)
    BURCD £56.95 £68.34 inc. vat.
  • Burnshield Contour Dressing - (200 x 200)
    BURCD2 £105.84 £127.01 inc. vat.
Burnshield Easycare Burn Kit

Burnshield Easycare Burn Kit

A very compact burn kit with a selection of Burnshield
dressings designed to cope with mild to moderate
burns. All packed into a polypropylene bo…

  • Burnshield Easycare Burn Kit
    BUREAS £21.36 £25.63 inc. vat.
Cooltherm Burn Dressings

Cooltherm Burn Dressings

A new range of gel burn dressings using a non woven fabric as the carrier. These sterile dressings soothe the burn, cool the heat, ease the pain a…

  • Cooltherm Dressing 10x10cm
    COOL10 £4.32 £5.18 inc. vat.
  • Cooltherm Dressing 5x15cm
    COOL5 £3.10 £3.72 inc. vat.
Cooltherm Gel

Cooltherm Gel

The CoolTherm approach to burn treatment, is the unique action of the active gel ingredient, combined with the groundbreaking technology of the non…

  • Cooltherm Gel Bottle 60ml
    COOL60 £4.32 £5.18 inc. vat.
  • Cooltherm Sachet 4g
    COOL4 £0.41 £0.49 inc. vat.
BurnSoothe Burns Gel

BurnSoothe Burns Gel

BurnSoothe gel relieves pain, cools & comforts, helps prevent contamination and is safe to use on all types of burns.

  • Bottle 125ml
  • Bottle 5…

  • Burnsoothe Burns Gel (125ml)
    RELB125 £6.11 £7.33 inc. vat.
  • Burnsoothe Gel Sachet 3.5g
    RELB35 £0.39 £0.47 inc. vat.
  • Burnsoothe Burns Gel 50ml
    RELB50 £4.25 £5.10 inc. vat.
Burnshield Burn Blot Gel Sachet (3.5ml)

Burnshield Burn Blot Gel Sachet (3.5ml)

  • The Burnshield Burn Blot Gel is a handy size pack designed to cool and protect a burn or other heat stress injuries.
  • 3.5ml Single Application…

  • Burnshield Burn Blot Gel Sachet 3.5ml
    BURSB £0.46 £0.55 inc. vat.
Blue Hydrogel Burns Plasters (Pack of 25)

Blue Hydrogel Burns Plasters (Pack of 25)

Provides moist cooling that protects minor burns and scalds without adhering to the wound. The plaster covers the nerve endings and relieves the pa…

  • Blue Hydrogel Burns Plasters (Pack of 25)
    BLUHP £17.42 £20.90 inc. vat.
Acriflex Burn Cream (30g)

Acriflex Burn Cream (30g)

Pale yellow soft smooth cream with a characteristic odour. Used to treat minor burns and scalds, scratches, cuts and abrasions, sunburn blisters a…

  • Acriflex Burn Cream 30g
    ACR35 £3.33 £4.00 inc. vat.
Burnshield Hydrogel (125ml)

Burnshield Hydrogel (125ml)

  • The Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml is designed to lower the skin temperature and moisture the burn area.
  • It provides instant cooling and relief an…

  • Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml
    BURH118 £6.85 £8.22 inc. vat.
Burnsoothe Burn Dressings

Burnsoothe Burn Dressings

Burnsoothe dressings (formerly known as Reliburn) are designed to relieve pain, cool and comfort a burn or scald. These sterile aqueous gel dressin…

  • BurnSoothe Burns Dressing (10 x 10cm)
    RELB10 £2.44 £2.93 inc. vat.
  • BurnSoothe Burns Dressing (20 x 20cm)
    RELB20 £4.55 £5.46 inc. vat.
  • BurnSoothe Burns Dressing (60 x 40cm)
    RELB60 £21.95 £26.34 inc. vat.
  • BurnSoothe Dressing (20 x 45cm)
    RELB45 £20.95 £25.14 inc. vat.
Jelonet Dressings

Jelonet Dressings

  • Jelonet is soothing, low-adherent and allows the wound to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing.
  • Jelonet is a sterile paraffin Tu…

  • Jelonet 5 x 5cm (Pack of 5)
    JEL55 £4.32 £5.18 inc. vat.
  • Jelonet 10 x 10cm (Pack of 10)
    JELS1010 £7.77 £9.32 inc. vat.
  • Jelonet 10 x 40cm (Pack of 10)
    JELS1040 £20.34 £24.41 inc. vat.
Burn Trauma First Aid Kit

Burn Trauma First Aid Kit

  • Designed as a quick response kit for major burns.
  • This portable bag contains an assortment of sterile dressings and sterile isotonic saline. …

  • Burn Trauma First Aid Kit
    BURTRAU £52.17 £62.60 inc. vat.
Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket

Ideal for use in

  • Home
  • Caravans and boats
  • Kitchens
  • Laborotories
  • Cafes
  • Workshop areas

Manufactured from glass fibre fabric wit…

  • Fire Blanket (1.2 x 1.2m)
    FIRB12 £16.90 £20.28 inc. vat.
  • Fire Blanket (1.8 x 1.8m)
    FIRB18 £29.95 £35.94 inc. vat.
Acid Attack Response Kit

Acid Attack Response Kit

A high visibility yellow grab bag designed to respond to an acid spill or attack.

In treating acid spills on the skin it is vital to flush the a…

  • Acid Attack Spill Kit
    ACK £59.80 £71.76 inc. vat.
  • Empty Yellow Bag
    BAGAA £17.95 £21.54 inc. vat.
Sterile Burn Bag

Sterile Burn Bag

Use to protect and cover burns to the hands or feet. Place the injured hand or foot into the bag and seal with the included self-adhesive strip. St…

  • Sterile Burn Bag
    BURBA £1.25 £1.50 inc. vat.
NEW Burn Gel Dressings

NEW Burn Gel Dressings

Soft foam dressings soaked in water based hydrogel to cool and soothe a burn. Use on burn and scalds. The dressing can be easily held in place wi…

  • Burn Gel Dressing 10x10cm
    BURC10 £2.35 £2.82 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Dressing 20x20cm
    BURC20 £5.55 £6.66 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Dressing 5x15cm
    BURC15 £3.67 £4.40 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Dressing 5x5cm
    BURC5 £1.95 £2.34 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Sachet 3.5g
    BURC £0.33 £0.40 inc. vat.
  • Burn Gel Bottle 118ml
    BURC118 £5.55 £6.66 inc. vat.