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Tens Machine DX6605D

Tens Machine DX6605D Tens Machine DX6605D
  • Retro Twin Channel Tens - 4 pads & connectin
    TENSDX £43.00 £51.60 inc. vat.
  • Retro Twin Channel Tens
  • 4 Pads & Connecting Leads

Model DX6605D Tens is a modern attractive Dual Channel TENS machine with a distinctive retro feel with its bright chrome controls and chrome bezel ring. Large clear LCD display provides the modern touch and shows the selected programs, frequencies and times. High quality electrodes and leads.

Clear instructions for ease of use. For the beginner new to TENS, 12 pre-set programs provide a wide choice of therapy whilst the advanced user can select from 2 user defined programs with the aid of his medical advisor and tailor programs to their individual need.

The DX6605D is a modern, state of the art TENS designed with input from therapists and their patients and it provides symptomatic relief of both chronic and acute pain.

Attractive and discrete packaging with optional belt pack available