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Daray BILITE Dental Light (various mounts)

Daray BILITE Dental Light (various mounts) Daray BILITE Dental Light (various mounts)
  • BILITE with Short-Reach Arm - Wall Mount
    DARBLSRAWM £975.00 £1170.00 inc. vat.
  • BILITE with Short-Reach Arm - Ceiling Mount
    DARBLSRACM £975.00 £1170.00 inc. vat.
  • BILITE Dental Light - Ceiling Mount
    DARBLCM £1025.00 £1230.00 inc. vat.
  • BILITE Dental Light - Wall Mount
    DARBLWM £975.00 £1170.00 inc. vat.

DARAY BILITE dental light uses unique twin-beam technology to eliminate shadows and project the ideal cool light-patch

Unique twin beam technology

The twin light-beam system, developed and patented by DARAY, was specially designed to eliminate shadows in the oral cavity throughout all dental procedures.

Ideal light-patch

The BILITE projects an ideal light-patch for dental work by creating a rectangular pattern wide enough to allow for full patient movement, but with sharply defined edges. This ensures that there is no discomfort from light shining into a patients eyes as the light is concentrated only where its required.

Light source

The light source utilises a dichroic reflector which filters away unwanted heat from the light-beam thus projecting a cool light into the oral cavity.


The BILITE can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, unit/chair or mobile base.


The lamp-bar can be changed safely and easily without any tools and without risk of burnt fingers.

Flexible and durable support arms

The support arms are ergonomically designed to allow as full a range of movement as possible in order to accommodate all dental techniques. Their advanced design eliminates the possibility of the arm falling. Positioning is easy since the arms need only finger-light control yet do not drift once in position.

Hygiene and safety

The styling eliminates all finger traps and, by being smooth and rounded, significantly aids disinfection, barrier protection and cross-infection control. Mains voltage is reduced by a transformer to a safe 12V throughout the arm and all moving parts.


  • BB12 – DARAY dental light battery backup unit (12V)
  • CMC – Ceiling mount cover for conventional ceilings
  • LB1024 – DARAY BILITE lamp-bar cartridge (pack of 5)

BioProtect is an antimicrobial solution coating applied to DARAY products for infection control. Our core products are medical, dental and veterinary lighting used by specialist staff treating patients. Infection is the highest risk in patient environments. BioProtec provides excellent protection against illness-causing bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and many other bacteria and fungal growths.

Daray has been established in the medical, dental and veterinary markets since 1968 building exceptional and durable products.