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Instant Ice Pack, Cold Pack

Instant Ice Pack, Cold Pack
  • Selles Instant Cold Pack
    INSD £0.88 £1.06 inc. vat.
  • Selles Instant Cold Pack (box of 25)
    INSD25 £19.75 £23.70 inc. vat.
  • Selles Instant Cold Pack (box of 100)
    INSD100 £72.00 £86.40 inc. vat.

Our instant cold pack is incredibly easy to use and will quickly chill an injured muscle to prevent swelling and further injury. Just squeeze the pack until you hear the internal water bag pop and shake, the pack will become cold in seconds.

Selles ice packs are long and wide so they are ideal for wrapping around limbs.

Dimensions: 30cm x 13.5cm

Just squeeze the pack to provide cold therapy in seconds

  • Single use disposable packs to provide instant relief for pain caused by sprains, strains, bumps and bruises
  • Longer bag size which is made from plastic and ideal for wrapping around limbs
  • Simple squeeze and shake activation, packs become ice cold within seconds
  • Wrap in a cover or towel before applying directly to skin – Cold Pack Covers

Special price of 72p if you order a full box of 100