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Wright's Peak Flow Meter Standard

Wright's Peak Flow Meter Standard
  • Wright's Peak Flow Meter Standard
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Peak Flow Meter

Respiratory Services should be consulted to provide each asthma patient with a peak flow meter and instruction in its use at the time the diagnosis of asthma is made.

Instructions on use of a peak flow meter:

1. Reset the indicator of the peak flow meter to zero
2. Take as deep a breath as possible.
3. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth, sealing your lips around it.
4. Blow out as hard and as fast as possible.
5. Read the peak expiratory flow as the number indicated by the movement of the yellow indicator.

(If reading the best of multiple attempts, the patient need not reset the meter between readings.)

Patients should be reminded to keep a log of peak expiratory flows at home. Review of these readings can provide the physician with important information at clinical visits. Even more importantly, the patient can be educated to take action in managing their asthma based on the peak flow readings.

A patient’s best peak expiratory flow is determined by use of the peak flow meter twice daily when the patient’s lung function is at its best. From that baseline, the patient’s ‘zones’ are determined.

Green Zone – 80 – 100 % of patient’s personal best PEF
Yellow Zone – 50 – 80 % of patient’s personal best PEF
Red Zone – less than 50 % of patient’s personal best PEF

Once the patient’s zones have been defined, they can be instructed on actions to take for each zone. The patient should be provided with a written record of their action plan

Download Free Peakflow Meter Expiratory Rate and Peak Result Charts Here!

Expiratory Flow Rates Chart (PDF)

Printable Peak Flow Meter Results Chart (PDF)