Always Normal Ultra

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Product description

Up to 100% protection and odour neutralization!

The new and improved Always protects you during your period against leaks and odours. With its unique odour neutralization technology that is now even better: It neutralizes odours instead of just masking them – now for even longer than before.

Even when your period is a light one or when your period is just starting or coming to an end, there’s nothing better than feeling fresh. Always Ultra Normal with wings is sanitary towel that gives you a confidence boost and a skip in your step! So that’s why Always Ultra sanitary towels have our clever ActiPearls technology that gives you an extra feeling of freshness you can trust.

Features and Benefits

  • Super absorbing
  • Neutralises odours
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Secureguard – keeps fluid in check
  • Cotton-like feeling
  • Up to 8h protection