BS-8599-1 NEW Work Place First Aid Kit - Large

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BS-8599-1 NEW Work Place First Aid Kit – Large Complying with BS-8599-1
Following a survey into the type of injury likely in the work place, the British Standards Institute (BSI) have launched a new standard for the first aid kits. This recommends that kits should now contain burn dressings, finger dressings, scissors and emergency blankets in addition to the normal range of dressings. The size of the kit should always be determined following a risk assessment of your work place, but the below information will give you some help.
Low Hazard – eg shops, office, libraries, etc
Less than 25 – small size kit
25-100 – medium size kit
more than 100 – 1 large kit per 100 employees
High Hazard – eg light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work and dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufacture, etc
Less than 5 – small size kit
5-25 – medium size kit
more than 25 – 1 large kit per 25 employees
Kit Contents:
1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
6 x Medium Dressing 12cm x 12cm
4 x Large Dressing 18cm x 18cm
4 x Triangular Bandage 90cm x 90cm x 127cm
4 x Eye Pad & Bandage No16
100 x Assorted Washproof Plasters
40 x Saline Cleansing Wipes
3 x Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 5m
12 x Large Powder Free Nitrile Gloves (pair)
4 x Finger Dressing 3.5cm x 3.5cm
2 x Revive Aid Mouth To Mouth Resuscitator
3 x Emergency Thermal Blanket
2 x Hydrogel Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 x Small Tuff Cut Scissors Black 6"
2 x Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m