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Cederroth Plaster Dispenser

£20.95 (Ex. VAT)
£25.14 (Inc. VAT)
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Cederroth Plaster Dispenser


  • Adhesive plasters – always at hand!
  • When an adhesive plasters is pulled from the dispenser, one of the adhesive surfaces is exposed for ease of application. By uncovering the adhesive surface, plasters must be used immediately. This reduces unnecessary use of plasters, and helps to ensure an adequate supply when genuinely required. The refills are locked in the dispenser, and can only be replaced by using the special red key.

Cederroth Plaster Dispenser with 85 Fabric / Waterproof Assorted Plasters


  • 40 Fabric Adhesive Plasters (CEDFR40),
  • 45 Plastic Adhesive Plasters (CEDWP45).
  • Each refill has two plaster sizes: 7.2 × 1.9cm and 7.2 × 2.5cm.
  • You can choose between 4 different refills.

Cederroth Blue Plaster Dispenser with 70 Blue Assorted Plasters*


2 × 35 Blue Adhesive Plasters (CEDBR35)

  • Each Refill has two plaster sizes: 21 of 7.2 × 1.9cm and 18 of 7.2 × 2.5cm
  • You can choose between 4 different refills.

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