Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths

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Want to reduce harmful bacteria on your patients skin before they come into hospital?

Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths contain 2% Chlorhexidine providing rapid bactericidal action as well as a residual, invisible, barrier of protection for your patients

Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths contain 2% Chlorhexidine which not onlyrapidly kill all the harmfull bateria that can be found on patients skin but also binds to skin for many hours after application.

The Chlorhexidine acts like an invisible antibacterial barrier which keeps killing harmful bacteria on the patients skin for many hours, giving them an extra level of protection during their hospital stay.

When to use Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths

Provides an ideal solution for pre admission patient washing. Can be given to patients in pre admission clinics for use before coming into hospital or on in-patients prior to procedures.

Each pack contains 8 wash cloths which is enough to clean an entire body. They can also be warmed in a microwave before use to give a warm bathing experience
Presented in a desk ready tray ideal for the pre-admission clinic desk
Box of 12 wipe packs each containing 8 wipes
Wipe size: 30 × 20cm

Patient Directions of Use (Individual patient leaflets available)

Step 1 – Have a regular shower or bath washing all of your hair and body with normal soap
Step 2 – After your shower or bath dry your body with a clean towel
Step 3 – Either warm the packet of wipes in microwave for 15 secs or used un-warmed
Step 4 – Open the packet and take 1 wipe out. 
Step 5 – Use the 1st wipe on your face (especially around nose and ears) your neck and both arms. Avoid contact with your eyes.
Step 6 – Use the 2nd wipe on your armpits, all of your chest area and sides of your body
Step 7 – Use the 3rd wipe on your groin and anal area
Step 8 – Use the 4th wipe on both legs
Step 9 – Discard all the used wipes in the bin and let your body air dry
Step 10 – You may feel a sticky sensation – this is the chlorhexidine binding to your skin. After a few minutes this sensation will go away.