Emergency Care Battle Field Dressing/Bandage - Camouflage

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A trauma dressing with heavy duty compression bandage. The Emergency Care Bandage was developed with the most extreme conditions in mind.

Designed to treat every possible bleeding wound, the bandage is sterile and non-adherent, is wrapped and secured, and can also act as a tourniquet in cases of severe bleeding.

  • Highly absorbent dressing pad 15 × 17.5cm
  • Pressure applying bar
  • Retaining bandage
  • Securing Clip
  • Camouflage coloured pad, bandage and packaging
  • Provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Quick and easy for personal or professional application

This Hemorrhage control compression bandage is unique in itself with application generated by the pressure application device and can be applied with one hand.

The Emergency Care Bandage has a subtle army camouflage colour is perfect for use in the field as it is packaged in a waterproof pack.