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Haz-Tab Granules 500g

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Haz-Tab Granules 500g


The most effective way to deal with a body fluid spill is to absorb it, however to make the spill safe at the same time Guest Medical have incorporated a powerful and effective disinfectant into the absorbent in Haz-Tab granules. This ensures that the spill can be collected and sent for disposal with maximum protection to the operative. Traditionally, blood or blood-stained body fluid spills were treated with a liquid disinfectant (eg. hypochlorite) and mopped up with paper towels. However, this only spreads the spill further and towers are messy and will drip when handles, This method is particularly dangerous if broken glass is present in the spill. Further, hypochlorite is inactivated by organic material hence it is less effective as a disinfectant for spills of body fluids. Haz-Tab granules will absorb the spill, (thus safely containing it) and at the same time release chlorine to disinfect it. They contain NaDCC (Sodium dichloroisocyanurate) a powerful chlorinating agent, which is a more efficient disinfectant of body fluids than hypochlorite and is proven effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. NaDCC granules are recommended by the Department of Health for the disinfection of blood and blood-stained body fluid spills and, in addition, have been shown to be preferred by ward nursing staff because of their simplicity and easy of use.


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