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Koolpak Luxury Reusable Hot / Cold Pack with Compression Cuff

£4.80 (Ex. VAT)
£5.76 (Inc. VAT)
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Koolpak Luxury Reusable Hot / Cold Pack with Compression Cuff


Provides effective cooling or warming relief to muscles and joints to help relieve pain, reduce swelling and accelerate healing. Features a protective sleeve and strap to securely fasten the pack in place. For cold use: Place gel pack in freezer compartment for approximately 1˝ hours before use. For hot use: Place gel in Microwave 600w 1. 30 seconds on medium and turn to avoid hotspots. 2. Continue in 10 second bursts for a maximum of 30 seconds until desired temperature is achieved. Details Comes with compression cuff Great for treating a wide range of soft tissue injures Soft flexible luxurious pack moulds to the problem area Last longer than a standard Ice or Hot pack Effective for the relief from muscular pain


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