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Stockinettes are used as a general-purpose protective skin covering. Two types are available: plain and ribbed, both knitted from 100% unbleached cotton. Stockinettes are an inexpensive and convenient form of covering and protection for the skin, also suitable for use under cast materials: their knitted construction allows air to circulate over the skin, helping to avoid maceration of the protected area. Plain stockinette is a light covering, intended mainly for protecting bedding and clothing from creams and ointments used in dermatological treatment. Ribbed stockinette is a heavier material, more suitable for use as an undercast stockinette or for covering splinting materials. Both are available in a wide range of sizes designed to cover all parts of the body. Benefits of Use Protect bedding and clothing from ointments and creams Protect skin from friction under plaster casts 100% cotton fabric is comfortable on the patient’s skin Knitted construction allows air to circulate, avoiding maceration Ribbed stockinette is available in 5m packs on Drug Tariff in the UK