Mycota Cream (25g)

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Tube of off-white to pale-cream coloured cream containing: Zinc undeconoate 20% w/w, Undecenoic acid 5% w/w For the treatment and prevention of athlete’s foot Treatment Adults, children and elderly: for treatment, wash and dry affected area and apply night and morning, particularly between the toes, then dust with Mycota Powder. Wear clean socks or stockings each day dusted inside with Mycota Powder. Continue for 1 week after all evidence of infection has cleared. For prevention, use daily and dust socks or stockings inside with Mycota Powder Athletes Foot is a very common skin condition which affects up to 70% of the population at some time – most people will suffer from Athletes Foot at least one time in their lives! And this is not surprising – Athletes Foot is a highly contagious condition which can be transferred via changing room floors, around swimming pools, and if you wear trainers frequently you are more likely to suffer. Athletes Foot is a fungal infection which causes dry skin, itching and inflammation around the toes and feet. The good news is, Athletes Foot is a very easy condition to treat.

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