Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod for Children and Adults

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Seca 216

The Seca 216 has a removable scale with a measuring range of 0 to 230cm which can be inserted variably into a 150cm long plastic profile. The measuring rod is simply mounted on the wall at the desired height. This means that the user himself selects the measuring range shown in the profile - the Seca 216 is thus suitable for both adults and children. During the measuring process, the exact result is clearly visible in the display window, which is positioned at the side of the rod. As the head piece has a locking screw, the result remains visible after the measuring process. A further advantage: the Seca 216 is ideal for international use as the scale is printed on both sides. It can be inserted either way round into the plastic profile so that the result is shown in either centimetres or in centimetres/inches. Whether for children or adults - the measuring range can be adjusted as needed. The head piece can be fixed in place with the locking screw.

* Measuring range in cm: 3,5 - 230cm
* Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1mm
* Measure (W x H x D): 120 x 1500 x 217mm
* Net weight: 1,7kg
* Functions: Wall-mounting

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