Seca 416 Infantometer for Measuring Babies and Infants

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Seca 416

The completely novel shape of the infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure babies and infants up to two years old. The board is generously designed and the raised and softly rounded sides hold the baby easily and safely in the right position. The foot piece, fitted into two guide rails, slides smoothly along the scale and, as it is lockable, the baby can be removed and the result noted later. All parts are tough and durable. The unique V-shape automatically places the baby in the right measuring position. The head and foot positioner lock into place so the indication can be read after measuring.

* Measuring range: 33 - 100cm / 13 - 39"
* Graduation: 1mm / 1/16"
* Dimensions (WxHxD): 1105 x 165 x 402cm
* Weight: 3.2kg

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