Sterogrip/Tubigrip Tubular Support Bandage Roll

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Available in white or blue colour and in 10m or 1m lengths

Blue: for conformity to visual detection in catering industries.

  • Ideal for treatment of sports injuries, dislocations and sprains.
  • Provides even support and pressure for weakened muscles and joints
  • Aids rehabilitation after removal of Plaster of Paris casts
  • Reduces Oedema, reduces swelling and assists venous circulation
  • Recommended for support of amputation stumps
  • Remains in place without tying or tapes

Sterogrip Elasticated Support Bandage has been designed to provide support following soft tissue injuries, dislocation and sprains.

Its knitted fabric construction with interwoven elastomer ensures excellent support, enabling it to be used in all cases where radial support is required.

Practical, easy and quick to apply, self-retaining Sterogrip may be removed and re-applied, even by the wearer, without loss of the bandages original support.

The even supports and pressure provided by Sterogrip makes it an ideal bandage for Occupational and Sports injuries.

Size A

For use on: Infant Feet or Arms
Applicator: Size A
Lay Flat Width: 4.5cm

Size B

For use on: Small hands or childs limbs
Applicator: Size F
Lay Flat Width: 6.25cm

Size C

For use on: Small arms or legs
Applicator: Size F
Lay Flat Width: 6.75cm

Size D

For use on: Large arms or legs
Applicator: Size G
Lay Flat Width: 7.5cm

Size E

For use on: Legs or small thighs
Applicator: Size G
Lay Flat Width: 8.75cm

Size F

For use on: Large knees or thighs
Applicator: Size H
Lay Flat Width: 10cm

Size G

For use on: Large thighs
Applicator: Size H
Lay Flat Width: 12cm