The Ultimate Holiday Healthcare Kit

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This comprehensive pack is essential for travellers; especially those visiting developing countries. It contains an assortment of first aid essentials. Add Malaria protection into your basket if needed and you are well covered. All packed in our multi-compartment bag with belt loop and carry handle.


2 x Syringes 2ml 
2 x Syringe 5ml
1 x Syringe 10ml
10 x Assorted Sterile Needles
1 x Dental Needle
1 x Insyte Cannula
1 x Butterfly Cannula
10 x Sterile Swabs
1 x Mersilk Suture
2 x Leukostrip Wound Closure Packs
10 x Trigene Antiseptic Wipes
10 x Insect Repel Wipes
1 x Assorted Waterproof Plasters (20)
1 x Medium First Aid Dressing
4 x Big Plasters
1 x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm 
1 x Foil Emergency Blanket
1 x Rennie Tablets Spearmint x24
1 x Paracetamol Pack x16
1 × 6 Diarrhoea Relief Capsules
1 x Afterbite Insect Bite Cream
1 x Savlon Cream 15g
2 × 20ml Sterile Eyewash
2 x Vinyl Gloves (Pair)
1 x Burn Blot Sachet
1 x Scissors (Pair)
1 x BAG400R