Inadine Dressings

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  • Inadine, consists of a knitted viscose fabric impregnated with a polyethylene glycol (PEG) base containing 10% povidone-iodine, equivalent to 1.0% available iodine.
  • In the presence of wound fluid, the povidone-iodine, a potent antimicrobial agent with a broad spectrum of activity, is readily released from the PEG base.
  • The dressing, which is designed as a low adherent wound contact material, is orange in colour.
  • Unlike paraffin or lanolin used in manufacture of some medicated paraffin gauze type products, the PEGbase used in the production of Inadine is water-soluble and easily removed from the skin or wound surface.
  • Inadine is applied directly to the surface of the wound and covered with a sterile secondary dressing held in position with tape or bandages, as appropriate.
  • Adherence to the surface of a wound is unlikely with Inadine, but if it does become a problem, the dressing may be removed following irrigation with normal saline.