TurtleSkin Severe Gear Gloves

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Rugged protection underpins the TurtleSkin SevereGear gloves. Cutting edge technology has produced a glove with exceptional cut and puncture resistance while remaining lightweight and comfortable. TurtleSkin SevereGear gloves do not have the stiff, bulky seams found in other protective gloves, giving them outstanding levels of protection with dexterity and tactile sensitivity needed to perform daily tasks.

The mechanical properties of this 100% aramid glove are further enhanced by the TurtleSkin patented weave and coatings which provide five times the cut resistance of other aramid gloves with a hundred times more puncture resistance. The low profile of this glove makes it ideal for use inside an outer protective glove enhancing the levels of protection offered.

Key Features

  • Excellent abrasion resistance on the palm of the glove
  • Highest level of puncture and cut resistance through the underside and finger tips of hand
  • Features patented TurtleSkin aramid fabric
  • May be machine washed or steam autoclaved, extending the life of the glove
  • Low profile construction suitable for use inside an outer pair of gloves


  • Infectious Waste Handling
  • Hospital and Laboratory Environments


Width Measurement: Wrap a measuring tape around your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding thumb. Make a fist.

Length Measurement: Measure from the bottom edge of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

Applicaton Guide

TurtleSkin gloves are the latest development in Safety Glove technology. Offering the highest performance against punctures, cuts and abrasions, they remain lightweight and comfortable, preserving hand dexterity and sensitivity of touch.

TurtleSkin is a patented fabric using an aramid fibre woven more tightly than has ever been achieved before. The result is a very thin, flexible and extremely cut and puncture resistant material which far exceeds typical aramid gloves.