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Urine & Vomit Spill Removal Kit

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£8.12 (Inc. VAT)
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Urine & Vomit Spill Removal Kit


For the safe collection and disposal of spills of urine and Vomit, CHRLORINE FREE kit. (Not Blood Stained) 

Single Pack
Ideal for use in schools and colleges. This handy kit will safely and effectively absorb and remove up to 400ml of urine or vomit. Mop up the spillage with the absorbent pad and scoop the contents into the bag and wipe the area with the alcohol wipes provided. Each pack contains absorbent pad, gloves, apron, scoop & scraper, disposal bag and alcohol wipes (full instruction on pack)

Multi-Use Kit
The multi-use kit comes supplied in portable box containing sufficient material for the safe removal of up to 15 spillages. The NQ64 absorbent granules within the kit are effective against most bacteria and many viruses yet will not bleach soft furnishings or fabrics. Each multi-use spill kit contains 6 tubs of granules, 15 scoops & scrapers, 100 surface wipes, 30 gloves, 15 waste bags, 15 aprons and full instructions for use.

NOTE: Blood and Blood stained body fluids must be disposed of using chlorine products such as the Guest Biohazard Spills Kit


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